Possibility for the author to give the refund for item's included supported but not used


There is a case where the buyer requests a refund when he believes the item does not work as described, while he does not allow the author to provide support for the problems he encountered while working with the item. (rejecting support requests from the author such as not allowing remote…), although the cause may not come from the item itself, but could be the installation process, related libraries, installation environment …Then he applied pressure through negative comments, 1-star reviews…, this made the author feel uncomfortable and simply wanted to refund him immediately.

I think in this case, Envato should allow the author to refund the support part that is included in the item’s selling price because the buyer refuses to use it, but the author can not refund the main content of the item (like source code, audio files, images, videos…) that has been downloaded and used for free.

Do you have any opinions on this?

He’s probably still using it while he’s having trouble with his life and created some issues elsewhere.

I had this issue couple of times, remember that you cannot make everyone happy and 3/5% bad reviews are not actually bad as it sounds, it makes the reviews more real.

Refunding the item without the buyers ( Envato ) confirmation is against of the current Envato policy and I don’t think it’d be a feature anytime soon. Just write a proper reply to the “review” section, not long, clean and simple and just move on.

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Hi kithemes,

Thanks for a helpful reply,
Yes, you’re right about the review and we can answer it frankly. However, I think if I choose this way and do not give the refund, I will continue to be in trouble with this buyer. Perhaps there is no better solution than what you suggested.

You’re having the problem with the buyer already and if you got the “bad review”, there’s no other “issues” he can create, just post his replies, if he does, as if you need the login details.

Once you start to offer refunds, there’s no going back. Everyone would be asking one, too