Porto Theme

Hello, I have recently left a bad review on the Porto theme due to its lack of crucial elements to pass accessibility checks, specifically with AChecker. I asked for their help but they were not willing to offer any solution so I proceeded with my bad review as I am not satisfied at all with this situation regarding my site. I believe it is my right to leave a bad review as this is how one’s opinion about a theme is expressed. Thus I got a response from the theme that I should remove my review and that my purpose was to get attention, which is totally offensive to imply. Moreover, I understand that Porto has canceled my licenses due to my bad review which is inappropriate and is causing me a big problem. Could you please take a place to this and check if my licenses were actually canceled?

Hello :slightly_smiling_face: This is a forum where sellers and buyers communicate. There is no one here who can help you. Please contact Envato support team