Porto Theme for Magneto 2 - Lack of support

We purchased Porto’s Theme for Magneto few days ago, and found that some files are missing making it not working as per the instructions. We tried contacting the support several times, but couldn’t reach anywhere (no response to the many emails we sent and no phone number to contact the support team)… We have, however, seen an email stating that we have not purchased the Magento version… but the version we downloaded was the Magento version with detailed instructions on how to apply the theme on Magento… Can anybody help us figure out what to do?

I think I have installed one Porto theme few weeks ago, as I remember there was no issue. If you need a quick solution, you can purchase the service below :

( or contact me via email for some discount if you’d prefer to work directly)

Hi. I am the author of Porto magento theme.

Checking with your Envato account name, I could not see any private message or comment from you, just saw a ticket on our support system which you already got several replies from our support team. Please let us know if you get any further problems.

Regards, SW-THEMES