Porto theme: Editing icon colours for mobile header


I am struggling to find where I can change the colour of the search icon and “my account” icon in my mobile header. Porto theme installed. Not a clue! #813982 Is the colour I want.

The web address is https://www.bannisterhall.com

The Porto website told me to come here for support.



You have to do it by adding custom media query for small devices. I have make css only for search icon for small devices and you can follow this for other icon and for doing this you will need to know css and browser console knowledge.

@media screen and (max-width: 991px) {
   #header .searchform-popup .search-toggle, #header .searchform-popup .search-toggle:hover {
      color: #fff;


Thank you that works perfectly! Just need to work out how to CSS for the My Account icon now! Thank you