Portfolio Rating - Does it influnce search algorithm and sales?(respectively)?

Hello everyone!
I have been working with AJ for some time already. Surfing the forum I have noticed that I am not the only one and lots of us are having pretty disappointing days now as sales dropped heavily. This is caused by many reasons (I guess) - ones which are discussed here and others that are not.
Since that :tired_face:NO SALES, OMG, HELP, DISASTER!!!:weary: situation I started thinking - what can I do myself to change this.
So…looking over my items, changing descriptions, editing tags, adding short cut versions…blah…blah…(if there is any blah left :smirk:). Actually nothing changed except for one thing - every change of an item lowers its rating in AJ search down (do not know why, maybe it is just my karma :crystal_ball:). Well I still believe that winter shall pass and the dark will fall.
Now I am actually also interested in next thing - when I open my portfolio page it is automatically shown in Date Published order. Than I choose Sort by Rating and here is what happens - The first item in rating is the oldest one, the second in rating - is the second I uploaded, the third in rating - is the third item I uploaded.
SO…What does it mean? - Sorting by rating is exact opposite of Date Published order… - how CAN IT BE??
My new items are last in own portfolio rating and old ones are on the top…so - no reason to upload new items as they are just going right to the bottom of ratings tale…and at the same time my old items are quite far away from first pages of AJ Search Algorithms…
So - any thoughts, advices (already waiting for a help center answer, about a week already), own examples/illustrations?
BTW…it all might be just my paranoia and maybe item ratings on my own portfolio page does not affect anything (for too much, I hope).
Would be really interested to here some from You guys.
Good day everyone and Good Bless Envato!:pray:

Hey, Guys!:wave:
No one on this topic? Well…guess this really could be just my karma :crystal_ball:))

I’ve tried many times to change anything with description or tads or what so ever and came to conclusion that nothing helps with improving your items in search. The only hope for new items is passing trough main page and some time after that .

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