PORTFOLIO and job searching

Hello, I am a motion designer born in Brazil and currently working here. I recently reconized my italian citzenship and got a permit to work in europe. I want to move to europe as soon as the pandemic stops, my question is: is it a good idea to show my envato projects on the portfolio I send to the studios or if I can send the envato portfolio for them to see? Another question is if I need to change my account status when I move to europe or can I still have a brazilian account living in other country?
I know a lot of authors already have a job in the industry so a little advice would be great.

Hey, for showing work to a studio - if you will be designing templates there as well - sure. Else, depends on the work. If it’s copy paste logo reveal template just like many others - definetly would not leave a good impression. But with your 3D bunnies, if the job will also involve 3D or character riging/animation - I think you can show them in your reel. Just maybe cut out the parts with placeholder logos.

And again, show them your reel, or porfolio with only a few best peaces of work. Not your whole porfolio or envato porfolio especially. I’m not so confined that envato is “a very respected” entity amongst top motion designers or studios. (After people blatantly copying- pasting vfx effects frame by frame from popular studios, submiting it here as their own work, selling it for years and then getting called out on twitter, shamed, and eventually banned etc.) So regardless of how fair or unfair this view is, I would probably take the safe route and not focus on envato too much. Rather if at all, say that oh I did some projects for sale, which I sold on various marketplaces online.

About the country, I think the contry in which you pay your taxes, should be the one on your envato info/envato income statements. But I haven’t dealt with this myself yet, so I’ll wait for more experienced people to advise you.

Especially if Brazil and Italy has widely different tax triaties with US and Australia.


Thank you for your answer. Yeah, studios here in Brazil have this kinda of bad view about envato also, specially because a lot guys just copy and paste stuff done here by others. But all the few templates I have I did my own from the ground up.