Portal website

Good day, I need an editable API that can be used for a portal for a typical cooperative society to allow each member login and access their balances and request for funds. Thanks

You will not find that out of the box or in a stock marketplace - this will require significant custom work, security and hosting

Can you handle this?

Definitely not, and to be honest depending on how far you want to take it I would suggest looking for an agency.

If you are managing or transferring peoples’ funds/finances then you are talking big money, security, compliance requirements etc. and is way beyond a stock marketplace

Please recommend an agency that can handle that so that I can weigh my options, thanks.

No one here will be able to help you find an agency - you need a proper brief (no decent agency will even have a conversation without seeing that), depends on where you are located etc. etc.

Again, without a proper brief it’s impossible to advise but if you are planning on managing and moving peoples’ finances like a bank then you will need at least 10’s of thousands of $ and big on-going maintenance.

I would suggest you use Google to try and find an off the shelf platform that you can subscribe to and use.