Popup info box on audiojungle landing page gone

Why has the items info box on the audiojungle landing page disappeared. Right now the visitors sees only the items icons with no infos about the price title etc. by moving the mouse over.

Doesn’t look very inviting and user friendly now.

It’s even more important now, that ADP is here. Looks like the change came about with the new play icon. Don’t know if it’s intentional or not.

This happened a while ago. I am both an author and a video editor that buys tracks here, and from both perspectives, having the info pop up on mouse-over is a much better user experience.


Hey @KingDog @BenLeong, do you guys know anything about this? Is this intentional or just a bug thaqt’s been overlooked?


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Yes, the portfolio page displays information, but there is no information on the main page of the site about the prices as it was before (in a small window). Uncomfortable for the buyer. And to all this one track disappears all the time.

I did sent this also to the support, but no response so far

Thanks for raising this - our developers are investigating the cause at the moment.


Happy to see they fixed it. Maybe it helps a little to survive the summer gap :wink:

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Super quickly fixed! :+1:

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Can confirm, issue should be fixed now