Popular Items List

I want to know what they are based on to show the items as Popular Items of each section. In the title says Best Selling - Updated Weekly.

The question is because in that list I see items that have more than 4 months and have the same sales as an item of mine that only has almost 20 days. Of course my item was also on that list, but it was removed, without descending in the location.

I just want you informed.

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Simple - the number of sales from previous week. The first item there was the best selling item past week (also you have the number of sales).

Why the question, the previous week mine sold 7, and the other I think 2. Also, I was supposed to go down in location.

Is it because I’m not an Exclusive Author?

No, atm an item needs 14-15 weekly sales to be listed in the bottom of the popular list. But the threshold varies every week, based on item sales. Really simple.

if it were 14-15 weekly sales, how is it explained that 1 product that has 4 months of published only 20 sales is on the list?

Well I can’t answer this one :confused: