Popover Builder Trial?

I am looking for a way to add popovers to specific areas in a image. Similar to image mapping, but instead of a direct link on hover or click, its the popover with a button inside to click if the info is something you are interested in…it will take you to another page.
I want to test this before I buy to see if I can use it to accomplish this, but its not in the plugins in Wordpress.
Am I just searching by the wrong name?

Sounds like an image hotspot plugin with the right features would do it

You won’t get trials of items sold on envato though

Is that the one where you need “pins”?
I want to draw boxes around things and no pins

You’d have to check the ones on the monster above to see if any of them allow for that, or else hire a developer to create something

So this one wouldn’t do it ?

What one? The link above from us is a selection that are available - you’d need to try the demos to see what tagging options they offer

The one I mentioned in the title …Popover Builder

Try the demos? So there is a way to test them like a trial version or when you say try do you mean just watching a video?

Your best option (given that the author is not including a demo version) is to ask them using the comments https://codecanyon.net/item/popover-builder-responsive-wordpress-plugin/22948692/comments

There is a preview of the JQuery versionhttps://previews.customer.envatousercontent.com/files/257747962/index.html

I looked over the demos and saw what I need so I bought it … then realized I can’t find a way to make more then one popover in one image. So now I’m googling again. I did post to the comments to see if they can help me since I have now purchased it.
It really does show exactly what I need …just hope I didn’t waste my money :frowning: