pop up book

I need help please, I tried to get the site owners and couldn’t.
I want to purchase this product:

But I did not understand if I could put my characters in the video instead of the characters there in the video, - I plan to delete the tree and the red man - and replace my characters instead. My whole intention is to publish my book. Can I also put my text in there? In the video, do they explain how to create this video or do I have the video ready?
Thanks, it’s very unclear to me.

Your best option is to use the comments to ask the author https://videohive.net/item/christmas-pop-up-book/22956981/comments

Although if you have access to and know how to use AE then most should be editable however the comments say the text may be an image and not editable text.

Thanku! If text is not editable so it will not be good for me, I also tried to write a comment but it was unenable.