Pop track hard rejected - any feedback is welcome :)



Hi guys! I would like to have some feedback on this hard rejected pop track.


I was surprised when I got this message from Envato Quality team:
“After some consideration, it was determined that this submission does not meet our general commercial composition/arrangement/production standard, unfortunately.”

Any thoughts about this?


Great track! There is absolutely nothing wrong with the quality. I guess this is one of those situations where you should open a support ticket and ask for rejection reason. Good luck!

P.S. Maybe its the vocals which are too foreground (in the face) and probably will distract audience in commercial product. Try to create instrumental version with drums.


Did you upload the instrument version for this song? It’s a good song. You can add some drum parts for more dynamic and contrast, especial in the ending. . Hope it help you.


I think it’s due to the lyrics. There are some minor grammatical issues as well as words where the accent is off which gives away you’re not a native. It’s not terrible, but it does sound like something is off to English speakers. Envato is quite strict when it comes to lyrics and English, and I bet this is the main reason.

Also, I agree with @LongXmusic, drums would be nice on the second half or ending of the track.


Really great track, indeed drums would work good for it, as well as instrumental version alongside the original. Have no idea what else could be “wrong” with it. Keep up the great work anyway!


Guys, thanks a lot for your help!


One can find fault in anything. Rejections were before?
On the issue - nice song! I like it, but commercial use is limited because of the vocals. may be make it quieter and add instrumental version?


I like this track, sounds real good to my ears. Maybe you’d have more luck just uploading the instrumental version.