Poor support from the author

All the changes I make do not get applied to the live website.
For example, i made changes on
Talents Categories
Countries and others
Here’s the website

I have tried many times to talk to you but you have ignored me
the fake youtube tutorials have nothing to do with what I have complained about.
I am tired
first of all, you take a long to respond
the email your provided u never respond to it
the videos u provide are not even close to what I requested
the documentary u provide is not even close to what I requested

Kindly refund my money if you are not willing to help
I have been pleading for 1 and a half weeks but nothing has been solved

see the email screenshot i sent 4 days back no response
What do u want to do now?
Tell me now, Tell me now?

you can refund, this https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/209980383