Poor quality control on the materials sold on the site

I have been an envato customer for several years now, and I do not understand why the quality control of the templates and plugins is very poor, and it seems that no one is interested in the quality of the plugins or the themes, And it’s very strange that I buy a product without a hitch, and it seems that you are uploading materials without any control, because that seems to be convenient for you, but as a customer I feel quite cheated because I always pay for something that should always be fixed .

Even today I purchased the ListingEasy template and again of course there is a malfunction in the template, and again I feel that I threw my money, because once again I get a defective product, and I do not understand why treat me like this as if my money had the hateful smell of others?

I hope to get a normal answer, all the problems with these materials that you sell them without any control, the main thing is to take the money and if I have a problem then there is support for that, but why is it supposed to work this way?

Why can not I sell a product that has been fully controlled? Why should I, as a customer, after paying my best money, now have to wait for the support you can give me with the problem with a theme I bought? Friends is really annoying!

Hi @shlomih6

Very sorry to know your experience. Any product can exist small issues/bugs but by notifying it to the Author can fix those and by this the Item will make perfect. So, All sellers are expecting nice cooperation from buyer so that their product can be expected to all with best quality. If any Author support took much time to reply or don’t interest to cooperation with the Customer then I would like to say this type of Author is really harmful to any market. If you facing such type of support then please Contact Support and report there.

But most important thing to get a nice output and a quality product need nice cooperation between sellers and buyers.


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Hello mgscoder, thanks for your reply,

Probably the problem is that the programmer is uploading his product to your site without a full review of the product, which creates a lack of trust because after a purchase you should get a good product and eventually you get a broken product.

I’ve recently purchased an add-on called FS Poster, which is just fantastic, but this plugin has a lot of bugs, and after two weeks of giving to support everything they need to work, I gave up without any solution.

And a few months ago I bought the AliExpress Dropshipping plugin, and here there were quite a few issues but the support fixed the problems that were, but again I was supposed to wait a long time until they found a solution.

And today I bought the ListingEasy design scheme and here there are problems of course with the site maps system, and I’ve already sent them a message about it, and I hope they will come back with a solution

Hi @shlomih6

Thanks for your explanation. Personally I am not mentioning any specific product but would like to say if you get support from Author I think then as a customer should cooperation with them. For some critical issues may take time but important is your Item Author is 100% willingly provide you support or not. Actually in this case both customer and buyer should keep patience. If you search worldwide top rated product they also had/have/can be arise issues but fixing is important. So, I would like to request you please give time to Author to fix issues and in the same time I want to say thank you to notify the issues to your Author.


Funny that, because the now obligatory “handling fee” has been explained to me as taking care of quality control. I wonder if this fee, which Envato so categorically refuse to integrate into their product pricing and insist on keeping as a non-optional add-on is really used towards better quality control and is not just a recovery of 3rd party transaction fees.

That would be the “buyer fee”. The handling fee is just so that they can take care of payment.

Again I repeat the pattern I purchased two days ago as ListingEasy and still have no solution in the matter, and for this I mean there is a lack of trust, and it is really unpleasant to purchase a defective product, And after purchasing the product I find myself being held in front of the support team for a few days at best, or a few weeks at worst, and the general question is why should it always work the same way?.

In the past, I do not remember such cases, because I really bought templates and plugins, and I never had the problem of having to wait so long to solve the problem, and that’s something that has been happening in the last year, And I was happy to get answers to my questions

mgscoder I do not really agree with what you say, and that’s because I do not have to cooperate with anyone I’m looking forward to for my money, it might not be that I would buy a pre-defective product, and then I would contact the author to fix my product?

Imagine that you are today buying a television, and after you pay you are told that you have to send the telegram for repair because that’s how they should work, sorry but it sounds very amateurish.

Perhaps the question to ask yourself is:

  1. How many sales has the item had.
  2. What is the review like?
  3. If the item has had a good amount of sales and WHY the heck does it work for others and not you?

You must understand that running a WordPress site does not mean your environment is the same as everybody else.

Before you cry defective, remember that the issue can very well be on your end.

I’m not even trying to be sarcastic or anything. As a techie I am aware that there’s a whole bunch of customers out there who don’t know zip or don’t really care about how great a product is technically (or not ;> ). The main requirement is it satisfies some basic “need” and a shiny packaging, it’s enough to go out there and get some milk flowing in. Some authors make take advantage of this…

But remember, more times than not, it’s often an issue with your particular environment.

So look into your apache logs and pass this on to the developer.


Hi @shlomih6

At first apologies if I mentioned anything wrong.
I mean if the Author agree to support you to fix the issues then as a customer should to give them time. At the same time if Author don’t agree to provide support your issues and not meet the features they promised in their Item page description then you are 100% legal to get refund.

In your television example that are technical fault of the hardware in that case Television Company are 100% responsible to give you a new one by replacing the fault one. But in this case we are handling software.


For what it’s worth, and while I completely agree that as far as possible items should work correctly, having bought more than most people on the marketplace we still keep in mind.

  • it’s not envato cresting these items. To deep dive check every eventuality of the tens of thousands of submissions that they receive each month, would take an unrealistic amount of time and as a result slow down approval rates and drove up fees - all of which are detrimental to envato, authors AND buyers

  • among millions of files there will inevitably be those which do not always perform exactly as they should. That’s not exclusive to here and would be the case on any marketplace.

This is especially true with items based on social APIs that are constantly changing and updating.

  • although again we agree things should work as intended, and we are not trying to justify the weaker items, what we all get for a tiny fraction of its worth is an amazing deal even if there are small issues.
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Hi Typps, After reading in-depth you can understand that you are a programmer, and your perception as a programmer who can tell the client that he should stop crying, you are probably one of those vendors who give poor service to their customers.

And tell me that I have to stop crying WTF ?, you do not even know the problem and you are already allowing yourself to judge me ?, FYI I bought a lot of components and already have a lot of experience with different programmers, And I’ve never had the same thing that happened to me in the last year, at least in four cases where my problems were not solved, and even after I bought the last product I have quite a few problems with it.

Hello charlie4282. I agree and thank you for the response, but there is a problem here because with I will only buy components that have a lot of shopping like the AVADA template, then there will be no chance for any new developer to sell his product, And despite the post-review, I realized I had no choice in purchasing these last product because according to the data it was best suited to the needs of the new deal I wanted to open although there were much better templates