Poor quality ? Can someone explain why ?


Hey , guys !
There is rejected item of mine for a " poor quality".
Maybe someone can explain why is it poor, because for me it’s looking good .
tnx !
here is a video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXsZ6xN9NTs


i think you shoul change background (it’s too flat now, let it be something like clouds or big flying particles)
and you need better light, there should not be black sides of objects - looks like preview, shadow must be more soft and a little bit darken then light side - not that black as it is


Tnx,bro !
Your comments were very useful !
here is a project that is accepted now http://videohive.net/item/valentine-love-story/15144050?s_rank=11

tnx again for your mark.


Good job, though you need to fix the typo’s in your items description :slightly_smiling:

Romantic “invation” of your second part to celebrate this awesome day “togather”

Invitation and together

Good luck!


tnx a lot , my English writing skills are still not perfect )