Poor Android Documentation. Why Hidden?


I purchased android flutter apps from an author but the documentation was poor.

At about 90% through the configuration, a folder was mentioned which did not exist.

The author did not provide the documentation prior to purchase. It seems common on Envato, -quasi standard.

Why is that? It would eliminate issues such as the one I experienced. Is there any valid reason for withholding the documentation prior to purchase?

It is almost impossible to get the author to respond in Comments. The ticket system staff did not seem to understand English for they ignored completely the question and blathered on about the accompanying Laravel app for which I have zero problems. To receive that useless response I had to wait 3-4 weeks.

Anyhow, if any Android developer has sympathy perhaps they could look at the steps below and comment:

  1. Copy icons into relevant project folder. OK
  2. Get Dependencies
    And just run the following command

flutter pub get
(Does this need to be run from the root of the project folder? Anyway it completed OK).

3.Change package name in
/android/app/build.gradle and change the package name

  1. Open /android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml ,
    /android/app/src/profil/AndroidManifest.xml ,
    /android/app/src/debug/AndroidManifest.xml and specify your:



    • Open /android/app/src/main/kotlin/<Your Package name folders>/Application.kt and change the package name same thing with /android/app/src/main/kotlin/<Your Package name folders>/MainActivity.kt

/android/app/src/main/kotlin/<Your Package name folders>/

This folder does not exist and since the documentation did not mention any execution (apart from flutter pub get) then I can’t see how it could be created. The kotlin directory only contains a sub-directory called “com”

Android templates requires bit more than basic knowledge and these are mostly for the coders who needs a quick solution to solve the problems. If you just downloaded the software and trying to create a package with the template, this may be related to what you know about android developing.

All of the templates have been checked by the reviewers and it should work fine. Again, I don’t have much information about android as well but when I checked the software, some of the templates requires additional “extension” to be activated to create the package. There supposed to be some error message you get, you can refer that information to find out the problem but if you’re just doing on your own, you may train yourself a bit more or just a hire someone to get some help - so you don’t have to wait for 3-4 weeks.

Thank you for your reply ki-themes.

Android is a perfectly normal platform. I have purchased and used successfully such products before.

This is purely a sloppy documentation issue.

Refer the error logs. I’m quite sure you will find some information on Google how to fix the problem

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They are hidden for piracy reasons. The Envato products are constantly shared online and downloaded for free. By hiding the docs the users that download the product illegally can’t access it.

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Thanks for the reply Schiocco

Unknown to prospective buyers the product in question has the doc on author website but only a pirate would bother to register to access it.

In addition, pirates selling access to pirated software obviously include the doc.

It is an honourable idea. Has it been tested? It may be discovered that including the doc INCREASES sales because prospective customers will be convinced about buying.

ki-themes said “Refer the error logs”

Author Responsibility: Develop, Test, Document

Customer Responsibility:

  1. Set up software requirements
  2. Configure the application
  3. [For some products only] Build the application.
  4. Install the Application.

There are no error logs because 2. is incomplete due to the reason explained.

have you check within the “com” folder
because this statement means “/android/app/src/main/kotlin//” - path like
/android/app/src/main/kotlin/com/envato/test/ - for package name com.envato.test

as you said there is subdirectory name “com” means you have the first part of package name. check the folders under the “com”

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Piracy is more automated now, they never include the docs or anything external to the envato package.

Probably. But pirates first need the code.
All I am telling you authors is that absence of doc makes prospective purchasers hesitant, and that you may find this policy is counter productive.

Thank you sagarmaher.
That directory contains:

<author name>

(I do not wish to harm the author, so I renamed his name to <author name>)

So you simply suggest to rename com.<author-name>.markets directories so that they fit my app.

I will try it.

Much obliged.

You’re right. I agree. My solution is to leave the docs public but only for 30 seconds, like here: https://board.support/docs/

Do you think this solution would work for you? My idea is that a user can see the docs before purchase it, but a user need to purchase the product to really use it.

Well that time limited doc is better than nothing. The customer can see how extensive it is and its quality. But a robot could grab quite a few pages in 30 seconds? Pirates may feel it is worth it to develop a harvest script.

Is the prospective customer allowed 30 seconds per page refresh, per session, …?

How about allowing prospective customers WHO ARE LOGGED IN with good reputation to access the doc? Reputation= those who have purchased at least one product. You authors can see that info.

Without accessing the doc in full they cannot be sure of the install procedure and will remain hesitant.