Pomoc u vezi USA poreza

Zdravo narode iz Srbije,
Potrebna mi je pomoc da se oslobodim americkog poreza koji mi potpuno unistava zaradu ovde i ne vidim razlog da mi iz srbije njima placamo porez. ako ste uspesno popunili njihove formulare recite mi kako ste uspeli i koji je to TIN broj koji im treba poslati

Serbia doesn’t have a tax treaty with the US, so unfortunately, you’ll have 30% withheld on all of your sales from US buyers. If you’ve not yet filled in the W8, then you’ll have 28% withheld from all your sales. So if you haven’t done that already, then I’d recommend filling in the W8 asap. There’s no point in adding a TIN, as you’ll get withheld 30% with one, and 30% without.

I have already wrote that to support and for 35 years first time needs to pay something that I don’t have to pay and don’t want to pay , we have totally different ting here in Serbia , when you earn as a freelancer and normal person without a job over 14.000 euros then your bank calls you to come and pay 10% of 14.000 as a tax for extra profit and thats all but you need to earn that money first , we dont have any kind of obligation to USA and there IRS and dont want to pay this

in this way there is no point to sell here , because from 35 $ when they take there fees to author stays only 5-7 $ and that totally not normal , when USA give there citizenship then we will pay there tax other way I cant see the point

I can appreciate that, it’s very far from ideal. But as a company operating in the US, Envato are obliged to withhold and then remit the tax to the IRS. I believe the rationale behind it is that if people are earning money from a US source then they should be paying tax on that money, otherwise the IRS don’t get their cut. Whether that’s right or wrong is a different matter… I mean, there are plenty of other countries that don’t feel the same, but unfortunately not the country where Envato has decided to set up shop.

ok, I can respect everything you say but there is a thing ,there is no legal obligation for me , so ok you are not working like before and don’t understand this kind of rules and they are not fear at all

I see what you’re saying, but although you may (possibly) have no legal obligation to pay taxes to the US if you were selling your items independently, Envato do have a legal obligation to deduct taxes from their authors as they are a US based business. As far as I’m aware, there’s no way to avoid that unfortunately.

Envato is not Australian company anymore ?

Starting this year, all sales to customers in the United States are handled by Envato USA Inc. (a new company registered in the United States)

I need help ? I receive today to mail tha my federal income tax witheld is 5.60$ , but I am now us citizen and I fill form for that… but I have this mail noe and how I can pay tax from serbia to IRS ??? can you help me… is there some account or what to do ??? thank you

You already have paid, the $5.60 have been handed over to the IRS. The document you received by mail is the copy of this transaction for your own business accounting