polygon animated background lost&found



I’m looking for an item that is disappear… Maybe someone can help me find it.

It was a script or a comingsoon page (I don’t remember) which had as a background some animated polygons that looks like the same as the following image:


These polygons was animated and on mouseover the light changed.
Does anyone can send me a link about that item or give me any news about?

Sorry if I couldn’t write this post!


Do you mean a effect like the background of this page?


You are a magician…! Yes it’s what I’m looking for!
Actually I tried to find if there are any script to have that effect but I din’t find anyone… I also check with fireBug if I could find any references but nothing. Maybe do you know where find also a script? I was shure there was one on codecanyon or themeforest… but I can’t find it!!!

Thank you for your help!


where to get such a animated background?

bloggermarvels said

where to get such a animated background?


Although it’s an old thread,
But here is better source for that effect:


bloggermarvels, where to get such a animated background?

You can get those backgrounds on

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