Poland advances to 1/4 Euro2016!!!


Big up for Switzerland, they played very good football. What a thriller that game was!! Its a historical moment for Poland! Next up, Portugal !!!




That’s fantastic!
You guys have a nice chance of making some more history being on the lighter side of the bracket. Good luck!


Congrats to Poland fans! Game was very dynamic and cool! Good luck!


Little bit sad that Switzerland out of the tournament after this goal. Congrats to Poland anyway.


Congrats Poland :slight_smile:


!!! :slight_smile:


Great achievement by Poland! I’m cheering for them because Milik is a player of my favorite team: Ajax! Good luck from a sad sad Dutchman!


What a goal Shaqiri!


Lewandowski! Finally!


Poland is looking good! No doubt


Most of us here thought we can easily win this, those facebook mems and videos (google Pazdan-Man) but Portugal pulled it together and, what can I say… cant wait for the world cup to see what happens next.


Wow that was a sick shot! @boomopera