Poker Dice

Hi there , i just buy this themes and i already upload to my client web
but may i know how to install with a default themes ?? ( I checked a demo and it show full demo page with all picture and slider…) can some help me ?


How to Install Your ThemeForest WordPress Theme


But how do i install with a default themes same as like demo ?
i need a full themes same as like a DEMO which have a picture , word…sample

Picture aren’t included with purchase/download file.
Contact with your purchase item author hope they will help you out from your issue.

hi could someone help me to install ?

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I can’t help you to install it.
You have to contact with your purchase item author @ProgressionStudios right here as a comments

Hope they will helped!

i really dont know how to install with a full version…could some help me ?

There will be documentation with the theme that is likely to cover installing demo content

In your downloads page on themeforest click the download button and choose main files which will include the documentation file

ya i was download both of a full files and install again…the Demo content is not out…
hi charlie4282 could you help me to install it ?

Unfortunately we can’t help individual do this - it wouldn’t be fair on the numerous people to ask for help, plus these are general forums and we don’t have specific theme knowledge

If you have downloaded everything, are you sure there’s not a documentation file?

Can you share a screenshot of the contents of the download folder here?

@ProgressionStudios are one of the most highly respected authors on envato do I would be almost certain that they have explained demo installation etc in the documentation.

Otherwise this is the authors support forums

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I was success to install a themes but the problem is i want a themes full same as like a DEMO
coz i dont know the themes where to set a layout …i thought after buy this themes and i would like to change a picture and some word only…

That’s the point of demo content.

A WP theme will not look like the demo by default - to get this you have to install the theme (as you have done) then install the demo content < this process will be explained on the documentation.

FYI - images almost certainly won’t be included and replaced using placeholders, and as well as installing the demo content you will probably need to assign the right front page and navigation etc. (All very easy), but again this is specific theme knowledge that forum members won’t have and why you need to either read the documentation or ask the author using the link above (bear in mind it’s Christmas so they may not reply immediately)


Before demo import you have to do something like this:

  1. install theme.
  2. theme will recommend you to install recommend theme bundle plugins install and you have to install those plugins (plugins included witht the theme bundle).
  3. may be your theme will ask you to register the theme license for getting bundle plugins install features and for demo import. So, you have to register the theme using your purchase code or as theme required.
  4. then you will be able to import demo as like demo site. you will/can get demo import options in theme options.

Please check the theme documentation hopefully you will get necessary help in documentation.


Hi @masteranu84 we are the theme authors of the Poker Dice Theme. If you have any questions feel free to open a support ticket. We provide support via our support system and are happy to help out:


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