Podcast questions

Ok, the licensing is confusing. I am going to start a devotion podcast. I will make and intro and outro with one set of music with my speaking over the music. From what I understand, a standard license will be ok if I use the same exact recording on each podcast using some kind of series thing where it is good for 52 podcasts or for a year, whichever comes first.

Then, each podcast will have a different devotional. I was going to have music behind my reading the devotion. I will have series like one on the Psalms, another for Lent, etc. But since each devotion will be different, will I need to buy a license for each devotion? If so, that is cost prohibitive, so is there some kind of license that makes it cheaper. I was going to publish 2 or 3 devotions a week during each series. My Psalms devotional has 31 devotions in it.


You are getting two concepts mixed-up, one pertaining to the series policy and the other on what constitute an end-product. The series policy on Audiojungle does not require the content to be strictly the same. As long as the episodes are part of a same series, you can use one license for up to 52 episodes within a year.

Hope it helps