Plz anyone help me about logo submission

I am Rehan Ahmed and I am uploading logo designs since a month.I have uploaded nearly 15 to 20 logos but my logos always got rejection.(Hard Rejection)
I Followed each and every step from making logos to uploading them.
My logos are good enough but I don’t know what am I doing wrong.
I need your help
Thank You.

hi Rehan,
The only thing matter most is your logo should be creative and able to be used by different businesses (multipurpose logo).

Plexa_Designs thanks for replying
See this

isn’t it Nice…

and see this one

Hi, your logos are good but personally, i feel something is missing, like PHOENIX logo losing its look a lot when making it smaller, second is Typography. But I hope someone more experienced reply u. :slight_smile:

Thank You Dear!