Plugins to review and lock/unlock download buttons

Hey guys, how are you?

I created a landing page in my wordpress website with an audio player and a form where people can write a review. What I need is to put a download button locked that become unlocked only after people submit their review.

Also want to know if its possible to hide the link of the music to avoid piracy (I know it’s difficult to stop this, but I want to avoid as much as possible).

Can you help me?

I don’t understand you want to avoid piracy but you want to put download button for songs???

Hello Zaccc, yes I want to avoid piracy. Download button will only to targeted opt-in players. But when creating something like this the audio file and the download button shows a public URL in the source code easy to get access without the need to go through this landing page. It’s how music is found and how music is downloaded to get spread on illegal websites. That’s why I want to know if there is a way to hide those links from source code. Download button will be on landing pages that will be sent only to people that I know and have contact with.
Piracy cannot be stoped, but I can try to protect my work the best way possible.
Do you know any way that I can do that, or if this is possible?


It can be all done it all depends from your budget and deadline.

check this plugin

Just want to point out that if you right click > Inspect Element on any page, Chromium and Mozilla have Network monitoring so even if you hide the file’s link, experienced piraters can find it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you Zaccc, for now just searching plugins that I can buy and try myself o make tests and see if works. After that I will decide if it needs professional hands or if it correspond to what I’m thnking. Thank you for your availability.

Thank you, I will try this one. It haves great features for what I’m looking for.

Yes I know that it’s impossible to stop piracy, and I’m not interested at all to fight against it and sometimes it can help artists when something goes viral (honestly I would love to see some music of mine get viral in the entire world) but I don’t believe that experienced hackers will have interest in hacking a couple of music.
As I said before, these landing pages will be only visible for targeted lists, which is not a big list, but only real peope that I know.
This will be a promo system to get real feedback/support from pros and make connections to get some airplay on their gigs/radioshows.
So, all I need is to know plugins an tools that can help me create this system. Thank you.