plugins/ license for different stages of development environments

How do you handle licenses for plugins in different stages of development?

If I am designing a site locally, but want to use plugins, I have to provide a license. BUT, then I want to migrate to staging site (subdomain of my own site) and then ultimately to the permanent site. Three different environments, but one license – is this possible to do?

Why work locally then in a subdomain? Could you not skip one of these entirely?

Assuming you remove all content, themes and plugins from the first location entirely as you go then it should be ok but you need to be careful to avoid registering plugins etc as this would then require them to be de registered before installing on the next stage which may be tricky depending on the theme/plugin

Thank you for your response. I can definitely remove the local and just work on subdomain. But, the issue still remains migrating the entire site to permanent domain. So, it sounds like I can’t activate the plugin licenses on subdomain and then somehow deactivate / reactivate on permanent site? How do most developers/designers handle this then?