Plugin Wordpress : Envato Elements - Photos & Elementor size max not respected

Since yesterday, the images uploaded to my wordpress using the plugin are very heavy, the maximum size of 2000 px wide present in the file class-photos-import.php (const IMPORT_WIDTH = 2000;)
is no longer respected, I receive the original images, which are very heavy and will quickly saturate my disk space.
Please take a look. Thanks

I don’t think if the item is supported by the author but it could be the configuration on your PHP settings, check “upload max size”

it’s managed in the plugin in the file: class-photos-import.php there’s this constant IMPORT_WIDTH = 2000; that is defined in this plugin file and it was working very well until this weekend on all my wordpress sites and on all my different servers…

FYI, Until the bug is corrected I made a modification in the file class-photos-import.php:

I added just after the line : const IMPORT_WIDTH = 2000;

this code :
private function resizeImageWithWP($image_path, $max_width = 2000) { $editor = wp_get_image_editor($image_path); if (is_wp_error($editor)) { return $editor; } $editor->resize($max_width, null, false); $editor->save($image_path); return true; }

and just after the line : if ($attachment_id && !is_wp_error($attachment_id)) {

this code :

$full_path_to_image = get_attached_file($attachment_id); $resize_result = $this->resizeImageWithWP($full_path_to_image, 2000);