Plugin with auto-renew subscription and specific user data via custom fields over different custom forms

Hello guys,

I’m searching for a Plugin, for following use.

First of all, I need to take auto-renew subsciptions without any interaction from user or admin with paypal. After the payment is done, the Plugin should get some user-data custom fields with custom forms on different pages, I want to take him through the installation of our service and these data should be user specific saved.

Thats the theoretic part. Now I would explain it on an example.

User is interessted in our service product and want to subscribe it. He pays via paypal and its an auto-renew till he cancel the subscription. After paymant is done he is redirected to an page called “installation1”. On this page we ask him to give us his Instagram Accoundname and Instagram Password, he submit it with the button “next”, now he is redirected to page “installation2”, here we going to ask for his favourit hashtags (5-10 custom fields). After clicking now again on “next”, page “installation3”… (and so on). After finishing the “installation”-part, he is redirected to a page called “account” where he can see his settings. (Accountname, Password, Hashtags, and so on. (an page where the custom fields can be displayed).

That’s it, thats what I need. Any plugin idea, maybe an combination from plugins? I bought some, but every plugin has an contra to not use it.

I tested “Ultimate Membership Pro”, the contra was no custom forms over multiple pages to get custom field user data.

I tested “PrivateContent Bundle Pack”, it uses woocommerce, but don’t include auto-renew Subsciption. So there is the plugin from woocommerce direct for $199, that wouldn’t be the problem, but the big contra is, it is not supported from the author, and he doesn’t know if its compatible but want $500 to try to implement it.

P.S. it would be good, if the plugin or a combination from plugins also could do the innvoice part :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, would be nice if someone has an idea!

Best regards,