Plugin update problems. Support after 6 months

Didn’t know what category to drop this in. Not much of a choice.

Anyhow… so with this new set term support. I just updated to new version of plugin and it’s no longer working correctly. The previous version no problems. Obviously not my fault. So what if the 6 months support is up? Seems unfair to mark a buyer’s support as no longer valid, yet latest update isn’t working correctly. How does one get support then? Not the buyers fault.

You can contact the author anyway. If it is an issue on the authors end, I’m pretty sure any author worth their salt will respond appropriately and be grateful for bringing it up. However, why not buy extended support ? Surely paying for their time is worth the peace of mind you are after :rabbit:

That said, extended support was introduced not many months back, so you are still covered today unless i’ve missed something :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy new year!:fireworks: :fireworks:

In my experiences, there have been a lot of times updates have caused major problems. Fixes are issued soon after. But only after my site(s) have been negatively effected. I’ve spent countless hours/days fixing problems caused by new version releases. No one compensates me for my time and down time. So it’s a little hard to swallow that I should be paying for support after 6 months if expired, when an update created havoc and that same theme/plugin was working fine prior. On the fence with this new support fees. I’m gonna bet that not all of it goes to the devs, Envato gets a cut? Unless I’m wrong. Regardless, just my 2cents.

I imagine this type of situation will be covered by standard bug fixes and updates which are available for lifetime of the file to everyone. As @Typps said I would be very surprised if the author is not prepared to help.

Hi all!

I’m having a similar problem.
The author releases an update, but still some bugs that makes it very inconvenient and hopeless.
Have tried to contact the author, but no appropriate respond… :rage:
What I’m actually seeking is a tip on how to update plugins that are not automatically prompt to be updated like most plugins do. Last time I had to delete the whole plugin and redo…
I just installed the Envato Toolkit plugin, but it only works on themes. Otherwise, great option.
Anyone with a similar great solution how to update without messing around with filezilla etc?