Plugin to place the purchases in providers and increase the stock automatically.

Hello, I am looking for a plugin to be able to enter into the woocommerce the purchases that I make in my providers.

I want for example that there is a product in my store and it has 10 of stock, and if I make a purchase in my supplier of the same article and I received 20 more with another value, to be able to enter the invoice of the purchase and that the system adds Increase the stock to 30 automatically and also if possible correct the cost value of the item since if you do not buy it at the same value as before you should average it.

Is there any kind of plugin as well ??

HI @gLeW10

By the sounds of it, I think a Woocommerce inventory management plugin is probably what you’re looking for… This would let you keep track of how many of an item you’ve ordered and sold etc.

I’m not sure I completely understand what you’re wanting on the cost correction side of things.

For starters, take at inventory management on CodeCanyon and see if there’s anything there that helps you :slight_smile:

Hi Matth thanks, yes i need an inventory managment but in codecanyon i cant see.


We may not have an inventory management plugin with the very specific features you’re looking for. If this is the case, often the best solution is to buy a plugin that best meets your requirements. Then you can reach out to someone via Envato Studio to get them to do customisation work to get the last few features you’re after.

Remeber, purchasing features through a stock item is always going to be cheaper than getting the features custom built by a developer, so try and get most of the way there through a stock item.