Plugin that sends notification emails for custom post type from mailing list



Hi there,

I’m looking for a WordPress newsletter or subscriber plugin that is a bit more advanced. I have a car website where I want users to be able to sign up to a mailing list but as well as having their names and email addresses, it has additional fields to specify the type of car they want. Then when a new car is added to the database (which is a custom post type), I want the website to check the make and model of the car against each user of the mailing list to check if any users in the mailing list are looking for that particular make or model and if any users are then to automatically only send those users an email with the details of the car.

So I guess I’m almost looking at a hybrid newsletter/notification plugin. Is anyone aware of a plugin that can do this sort of functionality?


Looking For July 28

We can develop you newsletter plugin which will query DB and send emails.
You can contact me at or Skype at pradeep.narava


I was hoping to find an existing plugin that could already achieve this functionality or if not then an existing plugin I could amend.


There is no plugin so far that is the problem,we need to develop it.