Plugin "Slider Revolution" in NextBiz Theme subject to shell code attack

i bought a theme called NextBiz but the plugin Slider Revolution is not the last one and subect to Shell Code attack.

Where can I get the last version of this plugin?


Download the theme again (assuming you are logged in) and that will have the latest copy of the slider in it.

This is the problem

I downloaded it yesterday and the plugin is not the last one.

How can we ask to provide the last pluggin.

A lot of hack goes through this plugin, very annoying to restore everyday the website.


You can ask the author here

I could for sure.

But I bought it to Envato ForrestTheme.

So I cannot ask the author without a purchase code.

Am I the only one to suffer from this attack in the plugin -->



Support comes via the author not envato but you can still get your purchase code - go to your downloads and click the download button and choose “License certificate & purchase code”

Great thank you