Plugin Search - Audio sorted by album and by genre

Hey everybody!

I just got a nice new wordpress theme and decided to give my homepage a rehaul. Everything works ok for now, but I got a problem with the audio-settings.

Simply put, I look for plugin which makes it easy to have all audio tracks to be either sorted by album or by genre. I would like to have two pages, one called “music by album” and one called “music by genre”. I really hope there is a plugin which does that pretty almost automatically, that means that I just have to tick a box for the genre, and the player makes these two pages. It would also be nice to have the genres be searchable (like form a dropdown menu, where you pick 8-bit or rock) instead of being just all listed to the bottom. But that’s just nice to have. I really would like something that is responsive and looks half-way nice though.

With the player of the wordpress theme I just bought this isn’t possible I guess. So I think I have to buy some kind of new media player,but I don’t know it this is enough. Also I don’t know if this could break the theme, which has an integrated player.

The main problem is, that the standard way of sorting audio is done by albums in wordpress, but I really need the level of the single tracks.

Would glady spend money for such a plugin. There might be even a native way in wordpress to do that? Idk, I don’t think so, but idk. What I don’t want to do is programm stuff of fiddle around, like doing a lot of the stuff manually (like adding tracks by hand for the genre page) - I don’t have the time of stuff like this, this is just a hobby project.

If you’re asking why I would like to do stuff this way: I’m a composer (mainly VGM) and I do a lot of different genres (classical, soundtracks of various emotions, 8bit, rock, pop/jazz…) so having the songs only in albums isn’t such a good solution. Then again, I would like to have albums, which are sorted by time, because people might not want to listen to stuff that is over 10 years old. But others are just interested in one genre, so this has to be there as well.

If anyone can help me or point me to a plugin I would really appreciate it!