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I think it could be argued that the functionality is not really creating widgets, as in creating functionality, as much as it’s reinventing the “Save as Template” and “Add Template”/Duplicate features, so in that sense, I feel it’s a bit redundant.

That said, I think it looks fairly well done, so a hard reject seems a bit surprising. I’ve seen way worse things approved and it’s really the free market that should decide what’s useful and what’s not.

Anyway, looks like you put a lot of work into this. I think you should release it as a freemium product and let the market decide. Look into using freemius

Best of luck

Once again thank you for the words.

For me getting my first theme approved on ThemeForest was a horror story, I am still traumatized :slight_smile:

Why the heck did the reviewer hard rejected this, it looks proffesional and I can see that a lot of work has been put into it.

Makes no sense…

I do feel like when the reviewer look at it I was fiddling with my live api which handles license activations and the library so I might try uploading it again and putting a message for the viewer.

Sure, try that and make sure to link your live demo.

As for the freemium I’ve release a free lite version in the WP repository but found a little too hard managing two versions and making them compatible across different versions.

I worry you may have missed my point a little.

The point is: Envato is just a marketplace. I think the right perspective is: you are a businessman, selling a digital product. The fact that you built the product is actually almost irrelevant. If a marketplace rejects your product, which you believe in, you find another marketplace, or you find alternative ways to sell it.

My situation is: I will submit a plugin in 10 days as well. If Envato rejects it, I will submit it to the WooCommerce marketplace. If they reject it too, I’ll sell it myself with the help of the WordPress repo and the help of my own advertising and videos. I’m not abandoning my project, because I believe in it, and I’m confident I can make money from it.

Good luck to you,

Best of luck with your plugin too!

How is it irrelevant?

I mean it’s irrelevant you yourself are the developer. Right now you have a product to sell and that’s what you want to focus on.

I don’t want to argue about the value of the product, it’s not a market that I know very well anyway.

Hope some other people can comment with their perspectives.

Cheers! Best of luck mate!

Getting attached to things is a problem. I try not to work more than 1 month on something before releasing it. It’s best to release a Minimum Viable Product. Then if it receives interest, you can add on as well as integrate feedback. Cheers