Plugin or theme for wordpress like Uship functionality

Hi we are looking a site like UShip in functionality
1 the userA register with any social network
2 the userA post a item to ship from place a to place b(maybe maps)
3 this Usera pay a fee and the job is posted
4 there are other people registered and in this case we gonna call userB to anyone are interested in carry this item to the place b from the place a and get the money
5 he click the button and bring the item from place a to place b
5once the item is recived in the place b the userb recive money maybe in person or via paypal

so there are 2 mayor challenges here

1 the money who pay the userA is gonna be retained until the item is arrived to the placeB and the page administrator charges a fee dinamic or a unique for each item posted in the page for each userA who is interested in send stuff
2 we want a nice template with very rich design simple and atractive

i think this is the closest to the things we want

So i think in all envato there isnt theme or script who make this, and i think there is a oportunity area here