Plugin License key Issues

I purchased a plugin several years ago. I decided to try using it recently. After I put the purchase key the license is activated but the plugin still showing as the purchase key is missing. To make worse, there are messages on the front end that this is only a trial version and I need to put the purchase key.

The purchase key is good. The plugin’s author asked me to buy support for them to fix it. What’s this BS? Why would I pay money to activate a license I already paid for?

If you want to activate the plugin then you’ll need the purchase key for the plugin itself. That’s only for advanced features and automatic updates though, the plugin will work fine without needing to activate it.

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I purchased the key a few years ago. The plugin does NOT work because it does not recognize the purchase key. I contacted the author and they asked me to pay for support if they were going to fix it. This just BS. How do I complain about this? Maybe the forum is not a place for it.

Please get in touch with your author and ask them to provide you quality support