Plugin installation failed at reviewer's end

Plugin installation failed at the reviewer’s end, whereas the plugin is in the theme package. We are unable to recreate the same issue at our end. Even we have tried in different operating systems like windows, mac and ubuntu. We found the following link on this :

Need your comments


I’m not expert in terms of hosting and web servers, but i can give you an idea:

Maybe there is a chance the reviewer is using a custom hosts.txt file similar to this: to resolve envato.test in his local environment (it is pretty common to add and resolve a custom url).

You can try to fix that changing the way how is importing curl (not sure if can be done with a file path instead of url path) or what i do to avoid any kind of import error, upload that plugin into your private server and change the url, e.g

You can add some security parameters to avoid anyone can download you files (or being indexed) but that should do the work.

Hope my comment may help you.