Plugin Hard Rejected - feedback needed


I’ve submitted a plugin for short full-screen videos, with minimal but nice features, as built-in likes system, built-in advertising and analytics.

But it got hard-rejected, and of course, no clue why.

Could it be that the UI doesn’t look good? I mean it’s a plugin and comes with a default, clean UI, which can be customized…

In terms of functionality, again, it’s simple but easy to use…

I’m starting to think that it’s an issue with my demo page, I forgot to clean cache before submitting, and probably reviewers were seeing nothing (previously I had some JS errors)

Here’s the demo:

@ki-themes Hi, sorry to bother you, just seen people tagging you in similar topics.

Can you please help me with some feedback?

I suspect that maybe the design is not that good, or it doesn’t have a lot of features, but it’s something which is really trending now, and has just enough features for this kind of stuff…

So really strange that it was hard rejected right away…

@charlie4282 maybe you can also help here, please

Full-screen videos are usually supported by the video host ( YouTube / Vimeo / etc ) and I don’t think purchasing an extension to make it full screen is not really good idea. This is the possible reason why you got the rejection message as you’re not offering anything special.

It’s for self-hosted videos, not 3rd party…

Basically for creating something like YouTube Shorts, on your own website, and monetize it your own way, with built-in analytics, and your custom design.

I mean, I’m running this on some of my own sites and it’s doing good…

It actually is very useful for bloggers.

As an offramp, YouTube and others don’t allow monetization for these kind of short videos.

LOL, Or I did such a good job styling it, that reviewers confused it with YouTube UI?