Plugin got rejected and plugincheck

I got an email that my plugin was rejected because it did not meet the quality standard needed to go on with the review process.

The plugin uses namespaces, and is well documented, woks perfectly and no errors on debug mode. So I’m guessing the tools used to verify plugins just does not use namespaces. I dont trust another plugin to check if my plugin has errors since that plugin does not even support namespaces. So evanto really need to rethink their check tools and update with the current php standards

Well , personally i don’t think they have a tool to verify plugins(pretty sure it’s a human that checks for certain aspects of the script).

Also another important factor on getting your item accepted are the minimum standards. You can have the best and the most optimized script, if it doesn’t raise to the market expectations it won’t be accepted…Maybe that’s the issue?! If you say that the code it’s clean.

Also haven’t you got some notes from the reviewer on why it didn’t got accepted?

Before they check the plugin for errors etc they check it to see if it’s suitable for the market and your post makes it sounds like that’s the case, the reviewer doesn’t think your item is at the quality level or functionality level to be sold on here, Envato have high standards. Maybe give us an idea of what your plugin does as it might be that the features just aren’t market ready and you need to make it more sellable.

I wish they had said this instead of the general response I have seen everyone getting

I didnt get any notes. Just a general response to check code errors, use debug mode and load resources well, all which I do

Their general response is very vague and frustrates me: “did not meet the quality standard” could easly be rewritten in a few lines to be more user friendly.

My plugin was rejected without any email to me, it just disappeared from the dashboard although 3 days ago still stood on review.