Plugin for Sngine is rejected. Need Help

Hi developers,
I’ve created a plugin for the Sngine social networking platform.
I submitted it for review. After 8 days of waiting, I received a very demotivating email.
My plugin was rejected, the evaluation team did not even send feedback with the reason for the rejection. Only it has been rejected and can not be resubmitted.

At the very least, they should indicate the reason for rejection!

The plugin consists of a system of interests, where users can choose their own interests.
I need your opinions. I honestly was disheartened, not understanding the reason for rejection.
Visit the demo.
user: demo_user
Pass: demo_user

Check out the plugin’s features:

And if you go to the profile of the members, you can verify mutual interests.

What’s wrong here?

Wellcome to envato :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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