Plugin for recommandations (If you like..., you might like...)

Hey everyone!

So this is going to be very specific, but since I don’t really know how to put what I’m looking for in a single word, maybe you could help me out.

I’m in need for a wordpress plugin that recommends website users similar topics if they click on an image. For example: There’s a picture on my website with two people playing football. If you click on the image, something pops up telling you “If you like football, you might want to look into our racket sport area aswell”. I know you could do this through popups, which I already tried, but I want something… cooler.

Another solution my team was thinking of was if you click on an item/image, a few boxes pop up under it with fitting recommandations.

Basically I want a tool you might know from shop systems (“If you like this shirt, you might be interested in our shoe model XYZ.”) without my site being a shop and with activating by clicking on an object, not randomly popping up somehow.

I hope this makes sense somehow and maybe you know some plugin that could help me out with that. Or maybe you have even different, better ideas to solve my problem.

Thank you very much!

Hi, You can try here there is professional developer available.

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