plugin for newsletter incl. follow-up-emails

Hello …

I have a question and I hope you can give us a tip. We are looking for a wordpress plugin for newsletters incl. follow-up-emails.

In addition to our central website, we set up landing pages for various books, through which you can order the respective book. For this we use Woocommerce.

As an appetizer, we would like to give website visitors the opportunity to sign up for one or, if possible, several infoletters, through which visitors can automatically receive follow-up emails with content from the respective book free of charge at intervals of e.g. 7 days.

It would be nice if we could have other information sent automatically in further infoletters, e.g. 1x per month. The number of follow-up emails sent out one after the other should not be limited, if possible.

We would like to set up these follow-up emails initially and then have them sent automatically and, if possible, personalized to the respective recipient. At least until the interested party unsubscribes from the respective infoletter.

The plugin should be able to handle the registration (incl. doi) and the unsubscription, if possible of several infoletters. For this purpose, it should be possible to set the time period when the next follow-up emails should be sent, e.g. every 7 days or 1x per month. html layouts are not necessary.

The dispatch can be done via our SMTP server. Additionally, we use Amazon SES for larger email sends.

Is there a very best plugin for this that only cost a one time fee, so we have no permanent costs? What plugins or solution would you recommend to us if any?

Thank you in advance for your recommendation.