Plugin for edit only page ...

I’m sorry for my english. There is a plugin that allows me to make the change to a single page for each user? Example of installation Wordress:
001 user, edit only page A
002 user, edit page only b
so all users can assign editing a page dedicated to it. Thank you and sorry pe ringlese not good.

It’s possible but I don’t think you’d need plug-in. It’s in-built feature for WordPress ( User Level 1)

are not very experienced, there is nothing to do? How much would a plugin? (You can create it?) I believe that this plugin would be useful to many, I found so many questions similar to mine but nothing easy for inexperienced. (Eg would run site that deals with rescue dogs \ gattyi in southern Italy) I’m a photographer I wanted to donate a site but the needs of the various cities is what every kennel can edit a single page and not others. If no follies coast, are available. (sorry for my English)