Plugin Filter

Hi, could you recommend me a plugin for filtering products?

I’m having trouble filtering products by size. It also filters products that are no longer in stock.

More in the video.

In the video I filtered the product by size “158” and filtered the product “131004-709”. This product cannot be purchased in size “158” because it is no longer in stock. And that’s the problem.

How do I set the size filtering not to filter the sizes of products that are no longer in stock.

Thank you

It will be a custom job however if you could find anything appropriate or relevant that might suit your needs then you can purchase from envato

anytime you need my help for the custom job then drop me an email. click this link and get in touch

Hi, can you create a price offer for a filter that will work the way I wrote?

yes off course i have pinged you back and waiting for your confirmation