Plugin Error WordPress Automatic

I purchased this plugin WordPress Automatic Plugin and with the last update the plugin does not work, giving me errors when trying to create a email batch. That is what the plugin do. It create an email summary of all recent post and sending them to subscribers.

I contacted the author M.Atef, but first he claims the plugin is not for him, now he says the email section is nothing to do with the plugin?

Almost 2 weeks and still waiting for a fix, not getting proper responses.


The problem may be related to third party plugins and compatibility. You can simply restore the previous backup and keep using the plugin on your current website while you could test it on a stage server

At any point, you will need to find a solution with the item author if you’re looking for free support.
For paid support, you can hire freelancers to check the website and fix the problem for you ( in case of interest, I’m available )

HI there.

I dont have a copy of the previous plugin, how can I get it?
I still got 5 months of paid support left with the Author, but as I said, first he said its not his plugin, then he said it is not related to his plugin, that that is what his plugin is doing.

Look below

I have changed the login details, so it does not work anymore.

Contact with your purchase item author hope they will helped!

You can restore the backup on your hosting ( they usually have the backups for a certain time )

This is not getting anywhere and I really getting frustrated.

Please read my responses and stop sending things I know how to do.

I know how to contact the Author. I am still on paid support, I contacted the Author and he first tell me it is not his plugin, then he changes his story and say his plugin dont send emails, but that is the core of the plugin.

Should I start requesting a refund?

You can try.