Plugin Elementor with Gutenberg Wordpress for Contest.

Hi to all:

I want use elementor with Gutenberg wordpress, Do I can use it for contest? #GetGutenbergReady Contest - win a share in $5,000 in prizes and an Envato Most Wanted badge

Please help me, I need make wordpress thanks.


@hevada @charlie4282 @goofydadog please help me thanks

I don’t know, have a look at what Elementor team says:

The best thing to do if you want to participate in the contest is to read the articles mentioned in the official contest thread, install the Gutenberg plugin, play with it, see what it can do, read its documentation :slight_smile:

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I understand many thanks, Regards.


Where I can find documentation Gutenberg? please help me thanks.

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Many thanks :slight_smile:

Last question @hevada

Do I can use edit html Gutenberg add container, row and col-md-12, etc for good responsive? but I not need use elementor plugin

To be honest, I have no idea. Reading Gutenberg docs is also on my TODO list (hopefully I will find some time for it). If I find something about it, I’ll let you know.

Or maybe other community members can help with this question :slight_smile:

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Sorry, many thanks for you help me I wait other author reply my post regards.

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please help me,

nothing help me VIEWS 50 my post :frowning:

Because no one likes Gutenberg!

Gutenberg in its present form is very annoying.

Try looking here:

Good Luck!

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Many thanks for help me it’s solved :slight_smile: regards.

Already I find solution Responsive I make some CSS :slight_smile:

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