plugin comments section search broken.

plugin comments section search broken.

Hello. It appears the search function uses some sort of soundex option. It appears to be missing standard functions like - or quotations. This is very frustrating. I am trying to search a comments section used by a developer with thousands of comments. I have a list of ten issues I need to search answers for. It will take days instead of seconds because of the broken search feature.

I search for “wording” with or without quotes. 883 matches are found. The first page of results contains no match for wording. It does however contain other so called matches including worked, works, wold, world, work, working, worse… Everything except the keyword I need to search for.

Unfortunately the developer does not have his own support forum and relies on this broken platform.

Does anyone know how to overcome this broken search feature?

Please advise

You can use google for this. Just use a search query like this:

Discussion on ItemName “mandatory_term” -exclude_term