Plugin causes critical error

Hi, I had my website withe the BRIDGE theme working for 8 yrs no w/o any problem. Now the WPBakery Page Builder Plugin is causing a “Critical error” - when I deactivate the plugin, the website works again, but looks not great anymore.
The plugin came with the theme (among with some other plugins), and I cannot update those plugins anymore, since the support has expired.
I could either buy a newer bridge theme with the (then renewed) plugins, or I could buy the WPBakery Page plugin for ovr $60, but I don’t know if it is really causing the problem. Any advice?


My initial thoughts would be to contact the author of the theme and ask them for their advice. If you are not sure the WPBakery Plugin is causing the issue, then you could be wasting money.

I don’t like Wordpress myself (for these similar reasons you have said) but when using it, I would disable ALL PLUGINS, and then re-enable the WPBakery first. Test, then reenable another one and so forth if you try to work out what is causing the issue.

Check your Wordpress Version is up to date
Check your theme is up to date
Then go through the other plugins.

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Thanks, will try!