Plug-inns for

hi, I wonder can I make the web site by myself if I buy
Do you think it is possible or I have to hire a specialized company to do it?
I see in the video that there are plug-inns. Do I need to buy additionally plug-inns to make the web site?
For the galleries - I liked
Can I make it with more rows that shown on the demo?
Thank you very much.

You would be able to install demo content so that you start with a website that looks like the demo but whether you can then adapt this to suit your needs and expectation is really up to you.

The themes are all fairly easy to work with without needing to write code etc. but of course there will need to be some form of technical understanding and/or patience. If you are just planning on changing text and images from the demo then you may well be able to work it out

Hi @charlie4282 i didn’t see this guy as a envato market user and he is not a purchaser also i think he would be a self-promoter.

I think the original post sounds like pre-purchase clarification more than anything