Pls give feedback on my redesigned theme

My WordPress theme was soft rejected, so I redesigned it according to the feedbacks I got from this forum. This is an Easy Digital Downloads theme.

The first version of the theme is here -

The new version is here -

Please give me your valuable feedback on this.

@charlie4282 @webdoone @TexTheme pls check, I have reworked on everything you pointed out, hope this is ready for submission.

PS: I think the banners are a little too colorful, pls also include your opinion about them too.


it’s looks good :smiley:
but Cart menu item hover looks bad, and not so much unique detail

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In my opinion, it’s much, much better.

I would add a hover to Login button. And I would change the cart hover direction from top to bottom (different than now).

Footer section has 1 px white line at the bottom.

Overall, it’s better!

There is definitely a significant improvement, this does not mean you are ready to TF. As it needs refinement in some sections.

Header background image needs to be changed to something more professional. Also does not help with the contrast.

The section headings are rather simple need to make a change, pay attention to the small details.

Any thoughts typography still small, or perhaps they have to play around with the height of the line.

Section offset testimony seems there is something there that does not fit.

For example style (featurs item) is better than (pricing)

Observe carefully.

Continue working

@TexTheme Thanks for taking your time to check it in detail. Could you pls clarify the above point? I didn’t get it :frowning:

1: Section (Testimonies, CEO comments) requires work on the details, the spaces are inconsistent.

2: Section (Our Pricing) requires additional work on the details, the hover, the shadows, the listing.

3: The green color you use does not have good contrast throughout the design you will have to make some changes there as well

Good luck