Plexus Stuff

Hello people. I’m currently having this problem regarding plexus.

So basically i have a project which uses 8 OBJ sequences. But with plexus, you can’t collect the obj sequences when you select “collect files” command in after effects.

Would it be accepted if i add the 8 obj sequences inside a separate folder inside the project, and then show in a tutorial how the user can import these obj sequences? It’s not really a smooth operation, as in just opening the project and everything works and it would take the client some extra few steps to have it working.

I will include the pre-rendered project as well, so the client only uses the plexus version if they want complete control , in which case, they will have to import the sequences themselves ( i will show how-to in a video tutorial about this ).

What do you guys think ? Especially i would love a reviewer’s take if such a thing can get accepted.