Please your suggestion for my hard rejection

Hey guys,
Can you please give me some ideas of what is wrong with the track?
It seems that I hear some obvious mistakes after a week of pause… However, your professional opinion and suggestions regarding how to improve this track so it can be potentially accepted - would be very helpful.
Thank you in advance))

Here is the link:


Don’t take my feedback as an unequivocal decision.
This is just my opinion.

  1. I didn’t really like this chord progression. Especially each seventh chord (G#m7). Sound a bit weird for me.

  2. The bass sounds not very well. And the bass line is annoying after 10-15 seconds of listening… You change the bass line only after 1:25. I think this could be done right after the intro.

  3. Mixing is not very well done. The sound of the pizzicato and the solo piano played in one register at the same time not the best idea in my opinion.

Best wishes!


Thank you Eliho, your feedback is very useful)
I can hear now that the kick hits too loud at very beginning, bass has some louder notes which brings distortion in a couple of places… I hear luck of overall sound transparency and variability. A lot of things needs to be reworked and improved)))
All the Best!

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Guys, any other opinions or suggestions on how to improve this track to be approved?